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    Are there, possibly… any toys over at that we are able to fasciliate here at – that haven’t yet been mentioned in the widgets/extra’s, etc? Can we down/up load a toy into I’m not necessarily looking at anything specific, but was just over there and was envious at the offerings.. thought it couldn’t hurt to just – ask :) Thank you.



    The software downloaded from is not the same as the software for a multi-user blogging platform like this multi-user blogging platform. runs on different software so if these “toys” attract you then you can choose to hire a web host and have him or her download the software and plugins of your choice for you.


    nope. unfortunatly none of the widgets from can be uploaded to here. If you find one you like you can email feedback requesting it, and giving reasons as to why you think it would be a good addition

    Edit: lol me and TT seem to be stalking each other today >.<



    It really depends on what you’re looking for.

    We don’t have the ability to upload plugins or anything like that but we can modify CSS for personalisation and we have some widgets that we can use or find ways to use,


    I was looking at this –

    and we have some of this stuff – and .org has some of this stuff….. :)


    Cornell – I think you answered me right there – “We don’t have the ability to upload plugins”


    Member bloggers can now get our stats program as a plug-in. Akismet is also available and for these they need a API.

    However, the supermarket shopping approach is not effective when it comes to securing answers for your own specific blogging needs. Please point to a specific “toy” that you wish to have and then we can work from there.


    oh – and .org has “our” widgets too and can use on their sidebar – so….I was just thinkin’….

    But I’m not computery, I do tend to way-over-think though.


    Like I mentioned in the beginning – not a specific toy, just a general question because of running across some similarities.




    Also know that what looks “similar” on the surface may actually be running on different code. One example of this is themes. The ones you see on the theme viewer must be “adapted” to run on

    Please share exactly what you are thinking you may need for your own blog, otherwise this “toys” conversation will be a non-productive time waster.



    Computery. I like that. :)

    If there’s something more specific you’re looking at then let us know. We have found ways around some minor things, but as you rightly quote, we’re very restricted to what we can use.

    At the end of the day, if you want all the “toys” then you could get some hosting and grab the .org software. If you’re not “comutery” though, this may be a little beyond you at the minute. Enjoy the blogging, the limited facilities we have here and when you’re more comfortable with the way it works then you could look at the .org idea again. :)



    If there’s somthing that you would like to see added in, I would suggest sending in a feedback with a description sof the item or a link to it along with the reasons why you would like to see it.

    Then they print out all of the suggestions, put them on a dart board,….


    …and hit the neighbours cat with all the darts so they end up flipping a coin instead :P

    There are some great widgets that i’d love to see, but since almost all of them use flash or java they’re out. Which is a shame :(

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