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Track changes with multiple administrators/authors/editors?

  1. I'm working with a friend who would like to be able to track changes (like in Word) with multiple authors (administrators) in a WP post.
    Is there any way that is possible?
    (She has a new blog)

  2. Would the Request Feedback feature used prior to publication achieve what she wants?

  3. I haven't tried that feature before so I don't know how it works; we'll check it out now.

    On a related aside, do all WP blog themes have the ability to set multiple authors/administrators/editors?And where does one make that setting?

  4. @kellysalasin
    One does not just click a setting to achieve this. There is an invitation process in place whereby we can invite others to become contributors, authors, editors of our blogs.
    user roles
    adding users
    This article may also be helpful > Multi-Author Blogs

    P.S. Will you please have your friend post her/his own support questions to this forum? It's my experience that using a go-between inevitably results in confusion.

  5. Thanks again TIme Thief.
    We are working side by side so it's quicker if one person explores/asks while the other tries.

    The feedback feature isn't effective for our needs as it only allows comments in a box. The editor role seems more effective; but what we're wondering is if we can "track" the edits/revisions of multiple editors before a final copy is published.

  6. I'm sorry but what's stated in the support documentation is all there is that I can refer you to.

  7. As far as I'm aware there is no way to track changes here. You could request it as a feature, and I'm sure it would be popular. Contact staff via your dashboard Help button to suggest it.

  8. Hi again,
    Sites with multiple authors can take advantage of collaboration and team work. Our Email Post Changes feature makes it easy to keep track of changes being made to your site’s content.

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