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track unique visitor city from their search engine research?

  1. Hello,

    I have a blog: and I want to know from wich city comes someone typing ******* on Google, is it possible with any stat site?
    I know that google analytics does that but we can not use it with

    Someone is kind of insulting me everyday via a search engine, knowing that I can see that in my dashboard and this harrasment starts to annoy me, since i m pretty sur i know this person, if i could get the city from where this search words are searched I will kinow who's this...

    Hope my query is clear enough and that s somehow possible to find out.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The information reported to us in stats is described in this document >

  3. Ok but you can t see what i want with the wordpress stats, so my question is: is there any other stats site compatible with who will provide this info?

  4. Try Statcounter, that's pretty good, you'll get the city and IP address etc. Bear in mind though that a lot of people use a proxy these days so you can't really be 100% sure of where they are really from.

  5. Shall i pay for the daily version to get those infos? Since i want to track the person the day she searched the sentence...

  6. No just use the free version. Whichever you use you won't be able to get previous info, it will start from when you add the code. It can't track things that are long gone, i don't think any tracker can do that. It will only track things from the time you add it and then onwards.

  7. thanks for your answer. I already added it yesterday, so I have some stats available.
    But it doesn t seem that I can related the city to a specific search done on a search engine, do u see what I mean?
    I can see with a map from where people connected to the blog but not exactly from where the person searching "kdlhdlksqh" comes, do u think it's possible to now that?

  8. Ahh i see what you want. For you to have the referral or search term i think you do need to have the other version, the one you pay for. Sorry i misunderstood. So yes you do need the other version for the specific info you require.

  9. Not sure you can use that version on WP though.

  10. thanks for you answer. Yes still the same problem with I'm gonna move to I think, like this I can get Google analytics.

  11. I know what you mean. You can't use any of the Java script codes on so if you really do need that info then you're not going to be able to get it with the trackers available for this site. Good luck though mate.

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