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Trackback concept OK, but don't know how

  1. So I read about trackbacks and pings in WP documentation. But I'm a little new and I don't exactly know how to actualy do what it discusses. Unfortunately, the docs don't provide any further "instructions" beyond the conceptual discussion. I've looked on the forums, but I don't often find the search engine here too efficient. So I'm posting this question.

    Thanks in advance for any help... :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do these support entries help?

    If you can’t find the Send Trackbacks module, please make sure it’s enabled in Screen Options.

  3. OK. So I'm just not getting this stuff.

    I read in WordPresses own "training" vids that tracbacks can be preferable because an excerpt is provided. But that pingbacks are better at validating the poster.

    In both I understand a track-/pingback to be:
    When I want to comment on someone elses blog, I go ahead create a comment on the target blog, but somehow put a trackback (or pingback, as the case may be) into the comment. My understanding is that I do that by linking my blog with a normal URL.

    So the big question: I that a correct idea of what this is all about?

    What I think I'm able to do is to go to likeminded blogs, post a relevant comment that tracks-/pingsback to my blog, and I therefore allow others an opportunity to find my writing.

    Is this how it works? Do I have the concept correct?

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