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Trackback doesn't work

  1. >>velvethammer Member February 3rd, 2007 at 5:33 am
    >>Thanks TimeThief I am aware that they are aware. I am more in the market for resolved,
    >>as opposed to aware...

    As are we all, mine have never worked as far as I can tell, so you are lucky yours worked to Dec 6th, however, provided you've done as asked and have received an acknowledgement, then they are working on it with their priorities and resources.

    One of the unfortunate side effects of the low price, free software economy thats grown up around the web 2.0 stuff is that peoples expectations for support are well ahead of what can be reasonably provided. I'm afraid we just have to wait, or take your "business" elsewhere... one of the big deals with web 2.0 and standard data formats is the power to leave.

    I came to WordPress becuase it is one of the best blogging platforms there is... period. I'm more than happy to wait for trackbacks to get fixed.

    Of course, I'd have posted this via a trackback, but since they are not working for my blog... ;-)

  2. Thanks so much for the edification cathcam. My day is now complete. :-}
    I hardly ever whine and b***h. I pop into this thread on occassion, and rarely post a comment. And yes, I have done all that was suggested.
    I love WordPress and all it has given me. I am not ungrateful, just frustrated.
    LMBO What is up with that special "power to leave" mention?? Wouldn't plain text have sufficed? And surely you realize, I know I am not a prisoner of WordPress.... :-P

  3. peoples expectations for support are well ahead of what can be reasonably provided

    You do see that most threads here in the forums are answered and worked out, right? Care to point to another support site with that level of support?

    And, yes, I do note that this is the first time you posted in this thread about the issue you were having. Have you tried the test page on the first page of this thread? Have you tried contacting the owner of the receiving page to see if anything got through? A number of ideas and ways to test the system have been discussed in this thread. Have you tried any of them? Can you give us any more information besides just general complaining? Can't help much if you don't give any details. Unless of course you can tell me what book I'm holding in front of the monitor right now.

    edit: I see that Andy Piper left you a comment on this post requesting details. I do hope you take the time to send him such.

    Velvet, I wish I could help but all I can suggest again is sending in a feedback and ask staff if they have any more ideas. I know you have been posting in this thread for quite some time but I don't have back end access so I'm not aware of what is occuring.

  4. It's ok Dr Mike. Truly. ;) I know you do not have back end access. I just posted a comment last night in order to keep my name visible, as one who is still experiencing problems. I apologize if I came off as being impatient. I was being facetious. Wishing I would of added a smiley now to soften it up...

  5. drmike - yes I did all those things before posting here. I used the test blog to see if my trackback had been received and was waiting in the queue. I then tried a reverse trackback by creating an entry on my blog and then posting a trackback from the test blog and it never showed up either.

    The point of my post above, was not to complain, quite the opposite just to make the point that its worth waiting. Sure I could have posted much earlier, but what was the point. I'd done the tests, submitted feedback, received acknowledgement from Mark @wordpress.... Andy Piper and I are colleagues... he was just making a suggestion that I'd already acted on, thanks for the prompt though.

  6. I have remarked another thing : usually, on various blogs there is a trackback address ( http... ,often a number, then /trackback/ ) written under their posts.
    On my wordpress blog, there is no trackback address written under my posts but only a link whose name is "trackback" in blue, and when I click on this link it does not deliver me an URL ending with "/trackback/" but the URL of the post itself (during some seconds one can see this URL ending with "/trackback/" appearing at the bottom of the screen).
    For example, for the post •, it delivers • and not •

    So if somebody wanted to send me a trackback from his blog to my own blog, he would have to add manually "trackback/" at the end of the URL of my post.
    Is it normal ?
    Could that be a part of this uneresolved bug ?

  7. Correction ; please read what follows, I made a mistake in my preceding post :

    It is :

    For example, for the post •, it delivers • and not •

  8. My trackback isn't working either...fwiw...

  9. I have gotten the answer for my preceding question from apost on another topic :
    "WordPress can use the URL of the post as well. It can either be that or adding in '/trackback/' to the URL of the post." (by drmike).

  10. He Guys, the trackbacks dosen't work since severals weeks ... when will the problem solved? are someone working on it`?

  11. Yes, of course they are working on it and if they had a quick solution they would have applied it. Please go through the steps Mark gave you. Thanks :)

  12. timethief, i've gone through the steps of Mark ... one, two (...) i don't know how many times ;-)

  13. Hang in there and think positively :)

  14. This problem is really old and should be fixed fast. Ideas at the end of this post.

    My test trackback from to did not work, the url is is still in the "Send trackbacks to"-field. My trackback is not in moderation too. Please fix this ASAP (cmon, this cant be THAT hard - what about logging outgoing connection attempts from your servers? Just set up a test server, look if trackbacks go out. If they do, try this with my blog, I am going to help you if you want. If trackbacks do not go out, set a firewall to log outgoing http connections to a certain server set up for trackback testing. If there is a http connection to the blog the trackback should go, sniff it so you can see what is wrong with the trackback sent. (Missing fields etc.) If there is no connection, try to find out why the trackback sender fails. There should be at least some error logs.) Contact me via my blog (just post a comment ANYWHERE) if you want me to help you. Not being able to send out trackbacks SUCKS, and while I love, I need to be able to send out trackbacks.

    I think that possible causes might be:
    Anti-Spam-systems running wild
    Outgoing connection overloaded
    Firewalls blocking outgoing connections
    PHP security settings blocking outgoing connections
    (the last 2 might explain why this happens only with certain blogs. Maybe only blogs on certain servers? The overload would explain why it sometimes works)

  15. i have the same problem. outgoing trackbacks don t work. please fix it asap. thank you.

  16. The weird thing is that I don't experience any of these "problems" on any of my blogs. I assume that's what makes them so hard for staff to track down and to address.

  17. @cathcam

    By writing " I then tried a reverse trackback by creating an entry on my blog and then posting a trackback from the test blog ..." you gave me an idea.

    I tried that from the test blog with the post "Just a trackback"

    On the test blog side, it worked : a notification of sending a trackback to my blog is listed as "Already pinged".
    On my blog (them Andreas09), I was expecting either a trackback ot at least a message asking if I wanted to accept this trackback or not, but I received a comment whose author name is "Test Track" and content is the content of the post "Just a trackback" on the test blog.

    To sumarize :
    - Trackback to my blog send a comment containing the text of this "Just a trackback" post but not a trackback
    - Trackback from my blog to this "Just a trackback" post of the test blog does not work at all : nothing is received ont the test blog, neither a message awaiting for moderation, nor a message considered as spam :-((

    So, trackbacks do not work and reverse trackbacks (trackbacks from another blog to my own blog) do not work either.

    I tried with the theme "Garland" : same result.
    I tried with the theme "Fardtastic" : nothing at all ; even a try in the direction "Test blog" -> my blog does not give any result, not even the comment for the targeted post and the test blog is not pinged.

    Suggestion about this bug :
    Trackbacks has been worked in December and until the beginning of January ; what could Workpress have changed in its code to cause this bug ?

  18. the problems happened before December too! It would be REALLY great if this could be fixed, as trackbacks are a really important thing for blogging. Trackbacks are what makes blogs so powerful, and now some users of one of the biggest blog hosters cannot use them. It really sucks.

    In the meantime I use and suggest to send trackbacks manually. At least I can easily enter a summary and choose how the blog title should appear, using the "back" button after sending allows to send another trackback easily.

  19. @janschejbal
    Thank you for this link.
    I tried it 5 minutes ago with the Test blog but it sent a comment (queued in the Awaiting Moderation (3) or Akismet Spam (0) queues) but NOT a trackback.
    I copied the trackback URL from two posts of the test blog and added /trackback/ at the end (else it does not work).

    When I approved my two trackbacks I posted 5 minutes ago, it set them as comments for the two posts I targeted but not as trackback.

    So a question before trying with another blog : does this test blog, or even WordPress, accept trackbacks or not ?

  20. I have switched themes from 'Garland' to 'Simpla' and my trackbacks are now working perfectly.

  21. Is there any update on this ??

    Is it related to themes?

    It would be nice to know anything that would help to avoid...

  22. Wow you guys would be surprised. I still have this problem but on my own hosted blog from Any update fixes?

  23. and operate on different software. Please post your question to the correct forum for bloggers as we cannot help you here

  24. I still have this problem and I'm still on; I just had a trackback from another blog show up, and it was made in JULY!

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