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Trackback in Korean

  1. I am using Korean and I was wondering why all trackbacks with Korean title from/to my blog become "unreadable". Someone suggests that it might be an encoding problem. Please help!

  2. Might help us help you if you told us what you meant by "unreadable"

    You do have your language selection as Korean, right?

  3. Thanks for replying!!! And, "unreadable" means that the title of the trackback become unrecognizable it it is in Korean. I do have my language selection as Korean.

    For example, track from/to Korean sites from/to my blog looks like the following.

    �ִ� �״��� Says:
    October 19th, 2006 at 12:54 am
    Zorbas Dance

    �׷���, ���� �������� �˾Ƶ�����. �����ٴ� ���� �������� ã�� �ٳ����� ���� �� ������ �ٷ� �� �����̾���. �״� �����ִ� ������ Ŀ�ٶ��� Ǫ���� ��� ��

    The link works but the characters become unreadable. Please help me!

  4. Any news??

  5. The forum search box is your friend. In it from yesterday I found a post identical to yours except the language was Japanese. Please read what Andy had to say

  6. I would send in a Feedback from your Dashboard to the attention to Andy so he's aware that you're having issues with it as well.

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