Trackback Probs… again?

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    I’ve been having trackback problems again. None of my trackbacks ever reach. Infact they don’t leave my post at all. Whenever I click on edit post, I still see the Trackbacks box full with the URL’s I typed in and no “Trackback Sent” message.

    This has been happening for days now.

    Anybody else with this problem. Oh! Pingbacks are down as well btw!

    ~ CC



    Yes, I have this problem and reported to Feedback. Not heared anything back yet though.

    I have used them a number of times between internal posts but the comments never appear on the referenced post.

    Others have said they experience no problems but it may be that it is only affecting certain accounts.

    My options are set up to allow pings/trackbacks as are the posts referenced.



    I have been having and reporting this problem for at least two weeks now. I get the same suggestions to fix it or try it and I do what I’m told each time but nothing works.

    It appears to be affecting only some users, although it isn’t clear what we have in common.

    I can receive both trackbacks and pingbacks. I just can’t send them.

    Please keep this thread alive until we resolve this problem!



    Well, I am glad to know I am not the only one with the problem. I do think it needs to be acknowledged and investigated. I have heared nothing back from the feedback I submitted.

    I’m not sure how it is behaving on external trackbaks. If anyone wants to trackback to me and I will return a trackback to them to see if we appear in each other’s blogs.



    I think it’s important to remember that we are all reaping the benefits from a “free” service manned by volunteers when communicating, don’t you? The alternative is to reach into your wallet and pay $10 per month for web hosting. And perhaps you should consider that if prompt service is a priority for you in terms of your blogging:).



    Now hold your high horse because I have one too!

    I don’t remember saying I wanted a priority service?

    Whether a service is free or not, it’s just good practice to let people know what is going on rather than meeting it with an automatied reply then silence.

    Remember the negative feelings on the recent downtime and slow server performance and how that turned into positivity when we were finally informed what was going on?

    It’s the reporting of issues (and thus the subsequent problems being identified and fixed) that will make a better service. If you just say it’s free, so i don’t have the right to say anything, things won’t get fixed and improvements will be built on faulty foundations: been there, seen it happen.

    If you install some free software on your own PC and it were to erase your hard drive or damage an important database because of a bug, would you stil take the same stance? Glib comments about forking out for hosting and telling me what I should or should not consider aren’t helpful.

    Trying a trackback between our blogs to ascertain if a certain type of trackback succeeds (external) where another fails (internal) is helpful as it may help to narrow down the problem. It may work from me to you but not you to me, which also helps narrow it down.



    In my case, external as well as internal trackbacks are not going through. I never cared for internal trackbacks, but yes external ones are important.

    I hope, WordPress will look in to it.



    I have been having the same problem rather consistently for a month or more. Feedback has been sent twice. No response from administrators.

    For a time, the trackback url that I listed first after a post, would successfully be pinged. Adding multiple trackback url’s has never worked.

    For the past week, trackbacks are not working at all.

    This is an important issue. I depend on trackbacks for linking to a wider community of bloggers and the lack of response from wordpress so far is beyond annoying.

    I’m a patient person, but not a groveling carpet. Several blogging friends have expressed an interest in switching to wordpress because they like the “look.” So far, I have been discouraging because of unresolved issues like this one.


    Go to this site to test pings and trackbacks



    Ok, interesting results from using your test blog, threadingw. I only tested trackback (I may do ping tomorrow when I am less tired).

    My blog recieved the trackback ok from your blog.

    However, your blog didn’t recieve the trackback from my blog. (I edited the one of my original posts to add the trackback to your blog. I might also try with a new post and see if it makes a difference).

    I’ve set my Options->Discussion to “notify other weblogs blah blah” and each post is set to allows pings. So I think all my options are ok.



    I don’t think the problem is with your options as all of us have set it to enable trackbacks. WordPress please look into this as trackback is one important feature that no blogger should miss.

    Cubbycave, you just echoed my thoughs to timetheif.



    Same issue here… :(



    I’m sorry for the bump, but we could definitely use some help over here..




    Have any of you submitted feedback for this fault?

    If not can I suggest that all of you do?


    Good suggestion, cornell. I’ve submitted feedback on this issue several times with absolutely no response from the administrators.

    However, my experience should not discourage others from pursuing the feedback route. Perhaps the administrators need evidence that the problem is more widespread before they make this issue a priority.



    I’m testing things now and I’ll pass on what I find – right now the problem is there.



    Thanks for looking into this podz.. Hope you get things going soon.


    This may be entirely coincidental, but thought I would mention it anyway. Certain little “bugs” and issues I’ve had with wordpress, including the problem with outgoing trackback pings, are resolved if I switch to a different browser.

    My default browser has always been Yahoo, but if I switch to IE for managing my wordpress blog, these problems and issues disappear.

    What browsers are the rest of you with trackback problems using? Does switching browsers resolve your issues?

    Just curious.



    I’m using mozilla-firefox (latest version).



    firefox… Is there a browser calle Yahoo??

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