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    Hello, I was wondering if someone could explain how I identify what my TrackBack URl is. Can I choose it to be anything I want? Is this the URL someone that creates a track back will post on their blog? Etc. IF you could explain exactly how the track back scenario works idt would be great. While uploading my first current post, it asks: “Send Trackbacks to?” and i’m not exactly sure what to put here as it also says to separate multiple urls with spaces. So does that mean I can require track back pings sent to any web sites i want?


    Ok, SOMEBODY has got to have a couple of references or tips they can share with me about Trackbacks =)


    Ok, obviously I’m not getting any help from the community, can anyone at least tell me where to go or who to talk to so I can research the answer myself? I’ve done plenty of Google trackback searches and have not found any info that seems to spell out how it works exactly. Thanks in advance!



    Trackback is an method that lets one blog let another know that it’s being linked to. So… If I linked to your blog my blog would let your blog know that I linked to you so that your blog can include a link to my blog. The idea is that it lets your readers see who has commented on your post. So no you can’t choose coz that would mean that it wouldn’t work.


    Testing my Avatar



    There is a whole thread for testing avatars in the off-topic forum.

    And startingebusiness – we don’t even know if you are in the right forum since you didn’t provide a link to your blog nor is it linked in your user name as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums.

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