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  1. How do I add trackbacks to my blog?

  2. Trackbacks happen automatically when someone links to your post and their software sends a "ping" to your site.

  3. Yes, but for e.g. if you go to at the end of her comments, she has

    Send to a Friend

    Or are you saying that when someone links the trackbacks icon will automatically come up?

  4. also,

    how do I set my blog so that a post does not publish the full post, but only a snip it. You click on the heading and then the rest comes up?

  5. Trackbacks will appear in your comments area and you can approve them or not, just like a comment.

  6. Where can I upload bookmarkify? I'm trying to activate the plugin through the Plugins menue?? Where do I find that?

  7. You can't upload plugins to

  8. Could you please give us the URL of your blog, starting with http://

  9. i'm a beginner with blogs. what is a trackback and a ping?

  10. Do a search of the FAQ. It is all there.

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