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    Hi All!

    I was going through my referrer log just now, and discovered someone made their way from copyblogger by way of a trackback to my blog. I followed the link to copyblogger and found two trackbacks linking to posts on my blog.
    I just curious how they found a way to list 2 trackbacks to my blog, I’m flattered someone could go to such an authoritative site and make their to my humble efforts at Blogging Perspectives Daily. Should I be flattered or is it just
    copybloggers way of acknowledging the fact that I acknowledged them in my post?

    *scratching my head*

    The blog I need help with is



    Why did you post this please? Specifically what do you want help with?




    I just wanted to know more about trackbacks, I did some reading but am still a bit confused as to how it works. And I guess I wanted some insight. I didn’t post it to upset or offend anyone…I apologize it was not appropriate to post here, or anywhere for that matter. Are trackbacks just acknowledgements?



    Trackbacks are automatically generated when you link to a blog that allows them. It isn’t a choice of that particular blogger; it’s just their choice to allow trackbacks or not as a whole on the blog.

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