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    I have been trying to find out about trackback and how and why I would use them, but i cannot find anything that makes any sense to me.

    Is a trackback when you would enter some content and refer back to another blog and thereby giving them “credit”? I found some information on it here – – but it doesnt make complete sense to me.

    it states there “think of trackbacks as the equivalent of acknowledgements and references at the end of an academic paper or chapter in a text book.” so i get that portion but if I am posting up a post it is uunlikely that i would use a trackback or would I? and why would I? and if i eneterd it is it visible to everyone?

    sorry if this is a dumb question but i just cannot get my head around why I would need a trackback in my post?

    The blog I need help with is



    This is where set up sending out trackbacks and pings > Settings > Discussion>

    Default article settings
    ___Default article settings Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article.
    ___Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)

    (These settings may be overridden for individual articles.)

    On each post below the editor’s box we have the option of sending out pings or not >
    Locate the Discussion box
    ___ Allow comments.
    ___ Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.

    It’s customary to notify other bloggers when we links to their contents. If we wish we may stop self-pings by shortening the URL that occur when we link to our own previous related articles in earlier posts. Most of us don’t bother with this and simply send self-pings to the trash when we receive them in out comments after publishing.



    Given the very high number of comment spam, trackbacks spam and pingback spam we receive from splogs it’s important to learn how to discern the differences between legitimate comments, pingbacks and trackbacks and those that are either bot generated or human generated spam.

    There are many unaware stupid bloggers some new and some not so new to blogging, who are sucked into the vortex of approving posting spam comments, pingbacks and trackbacks simply because they are desperate for comments and do not have the skill to spot what’s spam and what’s not. See here for help with learning how to spot splogs and spammy comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. >



    Hi timethief, thanks for the links… reading up on it now.



    You’re welcome.

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