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Trackbacks don't seem to be working

  1. educatedeviate

    I've been trying to ping/send trackbacks to various places, but they don't seem to go through.

    Normally, if a trackback goes through, I'd see the TB link in the "already pinged" section when I edit the post. This time, no matter how many times I edit & save, it still doesn't ping.

    I've noticed that WP tries to TB links in posts, but this seems to be on-and-off for me. I've linked to my own posts before, and some get the Pingback notification while some don't.

    What's going on? Is there a problem with the Trackbacks? How can I make my Trackbacks go through?

  2. Not sure. Works fine over here on my blog. You are using that bit with '/trackback/', right? (I'm assuming that you are but just wanted to make sure.)

    Note that you may be trying to hit blogs that have trackbacks turned off or are on an approal basis.

    Feel free to hit a post on my blog as it's wide open and should show up right away.

    Good luck,

  3. educatedeviate

    I mean that if I try to send a Trackback to another post elsewhere (using a TB link that they provided), it doesn't go through. Those other blogs use different systems so their TB links are also different.

    It seems to be on-and-off - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It seems like the WP.Com servers time out before the trackbacks go through.

    Will try TBing your blog in a bit.

  4. educatedeviate

    Just tried TBing one of your FAQ posts. Doesn't work. The TBs don't show up in "Already Pinged" and it doesn't show up on your post either.

  5. Yeah my trackbacks ( are not being sent out to the blogs I'm linking to. I thought perhaps my mistake was that I write the article, save it several times and THEN go find the trackback to link to (so I don't interrupt the flow of the writing) and maybe WP doesn't like me doing this afterwards?

    Will WP fix this and when it does, will they iterate through all the ones that haven't yet been submitted?

  6. Just noticed that trackbacks are not working on my blog either this morning. I've been writing an ongoing story and I always link to the previous chapters within a table on contents. No pinging occured. :(


  7. any news on this?

  8. I sent in a feedback covering it and pointed them to this thread. Haven't done any trackbacks this morning so I don't know if it's working or not.

  9. I just had one magically appear from an article that I did an update on a day or two ago. Maybe something's up?

    edit: Just sent one out as well.

  10. i keep trying, and to no avail. are you supposed to see some kind of message that a trackback was sent, some kind of pinging message? because i see nothing of the sort unless im looking in the wrong place. i know the trackback url, but no trackbacks were ever sent.

  11. If you reedit the post, you should see an "already pinged" line under the field for trackback.

    Give me a couple of minutes and I'll put up a pic on my blog and post a link here.


  12. yeah, i tried re-editing the post like 50 times, and never have i seen a "already pinged" under the trackback field.

  13. Example of a trackback

    Just saw your post. I think only the first post sends out the trackback. Edits do not.

    Hope this helps,

    edit: try posting a post on your blog pointing at that article. Let me see if anything comes up over here.

    Trackback is:

    edit:Fixed links

  14. well that sucks! lol. but thanks so much for taking the time to help me drmike. i appreciate it greatly. :-)

  15. yup, trackback worked to your site. i guess that editing wont send the ping. that is kind of counter productive but i guess i'll have to deal with it. thanks =D

  16. Nah, it's that way for anti-spamming. You could be pinging me over and over again and it would show up over and over again. :)


    What's Donncha's URL...

  17. whats really weird is that all of a sudden that post i edited over an over just pinged all of a sudden and sent a trackback..... thats weird.

  18. Maybe be cleaning the backlog or something. I had a few go out this morning when i was still asleep.

    either that or WP just knew that it hadn't sent any out previously.



    think I'll look at a few of my posts...

  19. It doesn't work on the first time you post either (at least for me)!

  20. It doesn't work on the first time you post either (at least for me)!

    Works for me and many other people.

  21. I have entries in my site that received backlinks from others' (indexed and not relatively new) sites but has not been reflected in the trackbacks.

    Could it be my settings are wrong or something as I do receive trackbacks from internal links when I crosslinked posts. Fyi, trackbacks & comments are enabled in those posts.

  22. When you first write a post, trackbacks work fine. You can save the article as a draft, and it still works. When you finally publish the post, trackbacks are sent.

    The problem is if the post is re-edited. The previously-sent trackbacks are listed as bullet points, and there is a box above inviting you to enter further trackbacks. However, these further trackbacks are never sent. On my WordPress (2.0.4), new trackbacks remain listed in the input box and are never added to the bulleted list, no matter how many times I save the post.

    From the layout of the editor, it seems the intention is to allow extra trackbacks to be added when re-editing a post. This doesn't work, so it looks like a bug.

  23. @jrawle
    I'm glad you clarified this I observed the same phenomena a month ago on one of my blogs as well one posts I re-edtied and added text and trackbacks to but I didn't bring it up at the time. So I believe this should be put on the "insect control" list and "swatted".

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