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Trackbacks from Windows Live Space broken?

  1. Hi,

    I tried to make a trackback from a Windows Live Space blog to my blog on And nothing happened...
    I gave the URL http://<myblog&gt;<theDate>/<nameOfThePost>/trackback/ as the URL for the trackback. I already trackedbacked within my blog with the same address and it works without any problem. More interesting trackbacks from to Windows Live Space are working.

    Does someone have the same problem? If yes, did you find some solution to it? Did I miss something?


    Willy Picard
    PS: my blog on is not private and the blog on Windows Live Space neither.

  2. Willy

    Tackbacks *can* take a while before they appear on the blog post. Did you check straight away after you entered the trackback?

    *a while = up to 5 days!



  3. Yes, I wait a few days. And nothing appeared...


  4. Would help us help you if you showed us an example of your posts. We might notice if something has been done incorrectly.

  5. The Windows Live Space (WLS) blog may be found at the following address:
    This blog is basically a testing place.

    The blog may be found at:

    I would like to have some trackback from the WLS blog
    to the post at

    Therefore I gave in WSL the following URL for the trackback:

    And nothing appeared...

  6. Someone bump this for me in at least 20 minutes. I've got to look at this this afternoon. Off to help the hot dog guy serve lunch shortly. :)


  7. bump to drmike

  8. Dang that's a confusing site. :grumble:

    I just did a test and couldn't get them to show up either. I tried as trackbacks seperately as they have them, links within a post and as trackbacks within a post. Both to my offsite blog and an onsite one as well.

    I'll send in a Feedback and see if we can get a staff member to take a look see.

  9. Just a quick note to mention that I'm now seeing the trackback being accessed on my offsite blog in my logs. I don't know why it didn't take though.

  10. It's almost certainly the other end with the problem but it's being looked at.

  11. Hi,

    are there any progress in the investigation of the Windows Live Space -> trackbacks?

  12. I can confirm Trackbacks from Windows Live Spaces are still not showing up on my blog.

    Was there ever a resolution to this?

    My test blog over there is in case that helps.

  13. UPDATE:

    This appears to be broken on the MSFT end with Spaces. No Spaces trackbacks sent hit or TypePad blogs.

    For the last two days MSFT support have been spinning me on a ferris wheel of -- what's happening?, show us screenshots!, we don't understand.... and prove to us your trackbacks aren't getting through.

    They can replicate it, I told them, by creating a Spaces space and then writing an entry with trackbacks to or They have yet to reply.

    I'm done doing their job and just marking it "broken" their end and I'll have my day with them in print later.

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