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Trackbacks in my spam

  1. Should I approve Trackbacks which appear in my spam? Are these always just links back to my blog (if so, why do they come up in spam?) Or will they lead people to potentially unsafe website and/or are they potentially harmful in another way?


    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I approve internal trackbacks. I don't approve ones that lead to sites I don't already know or deem safe.

  3. Thanks. Your approach is generally what I have been doing - which means I have been deleting most of them as spam. I just started to question this because if the request comes from outside WordPress, then they can't request a reblog.


  4. What do you mean "request a reblog?" If it's what I'm thinking, I'd mark all of those as spam for sure.

  5. Another WordPress blogger reblogged one of my posts. As far as I know this just means clicking on the Reblog button that WordPress provides. I was sent a 'Congratulations, your Post has been Reblogged' so I don't think I got an option to approve or disapprove that one.

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