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    In my spam queue is a “trackback.” I read that trackbacks were someone referencing the origin of info, assuming that they had used something from your site. But when a trackback ends up in the spam category, does that mean it’s not valid – or worse that it’s someone linking to you that I might not want to be linked to?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback…
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    Have you visited the trackback to determine if the site is spammy or not ? Because it may not be spam. If you’re not sure you can share the trackback link here and one of the volunteers can determine if the site is spam related

    The volunteers will also need the original post link from your blog to determine if the trackback is spam or not .


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    That is, please provide links to both the trackbacks and to the post in question, starting with http://

    We volunteers might be helpful with advice, but none of us are mind-readers…


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    (just thought a little more specific question would facilitate the op’s response)


    I have 5 trackbacks in my spam queue as of this afternoon. When I followed the link, yes, they were all spam. Can you offer any other insight? Thank you so much!

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