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    1) If a non-WP blog does not have a “trackback URL” link below their post is one to assume that they do not wish to receive trackbacks?

    Yes, I’ve read all the WP support pages on the topic.

    2) Forum threads on trackbacks have also mentioned that trackbacks occur automatically in new blog formats. Is this true?
    Is the trackback box on the post page there simply to accommodate older blog formats?

    3) I do not see a trackback URL link after any of my posts either even though I have them enabled?


    The blog I need help with is


    1) No that does not mean a thing. WordPress.COM blogs do not have trackback/pingback links, but they are fully supported (although you can decided if you want to allow trackbacks/pingbacks or not at settings > discussion.

    2) Pingbacks occur automatically when you put a link to another blog into a post. Whether it shows up at the other blog depends on the settings for that blog. The trackback module on the post page is exactly for older legacy blogs that do not support the newer pingbacks.

    3) See 1 above as I answered this with it.



    Thanks. Still kind of unclear though…..

    2) I thought pingbacks were for WP blogs only? Are you saying any blog format will receive an automatic pingback (if I configure it to)?

    How can one determine whether a blog they are linking to does not support pingbacks? (I don’t want to pingback and trackback to the same blog)

    3) I have enabled trackbacks but I still don’t see any evidence of this following my post. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place?


    No, trackbacks are an older thing. Pingbacks are newer. All the newer platforms support them. (see also the referenced link to trackbacks)

    Trackbacks/pingbacks will appear on the blog that you linked to in a post. It won’t show up in your blog.

    It also depends on whether the other blog has them enabled. Also, some blogs will have moderation set so that all comments (trackbacks/pingbacks are comments of a sort) have to be approved. Sometimes they will choose not to approve a pingback because they don’t want them shown with the other comments. Sometimes also, such as with me, the blogger will look at trackbacks that appear on the blog and then either delete them or “unapprove” them so they don’t show on the blog.

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