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Trackbacks still not working?

  1. They don't seem to do, but I'm wondering if anyone has any idea about when they will (I have a post with a trackback pending since las thursday).


  2. Bump.

    Still not working... 8-(

  3. Trackbacks have to be allowed on the post your doing the trackback against. Check with the post author to see if they allow it. If they do, try adding /trackback/ to the end of the permalink (if you didn't already and assuming it's on WordPress). If it still doesn't work, try leaving a comment in the feedback tab on yor admin panel. You may occasionaly see a moderator here, but the admins are ghosts.

  4. nuub, thanks, trackbacks are allowed, I have used them before for the same blogs. Right now, they only seem to work intermitently from

    I wanted to know if I was the only one seeing these problems, hence the post here (I already send enough feedbacks to the admins as it is without checking if the problem is known or not beforehand... ;-)

  5. Nope, I'm seeing it too! IT's not been tracking for quite some days now and even within the Blogs.

    Think we have a problem here.

  6. We're looking into this problem.

  7. Matt, thanks! I see you're answering full steam right now in the forum, much appreciated...

  8. Trackbacks are working again. Any old trackbacks that failed to send should go out the moment you visit wp-admin.

  9. Thank you Matt. Goes back to check!

    Edit:: Hey, it doesn't work. I've tracked four to 5 blogs in this post but when I click, manage the post, it doesn't show - Trackbacks sent to. And the trackbacks don't appear in the respective post.

    Edit 2:: Works!

  10. Yep, all trackbacks sent... Thanks, WP team!

  11. any ideas why trackbacks do not show up on my weblog?

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