Tracking conversions from "incoming" AdWords ads, directed to Contact Form?

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    My question consists of two parts.

    First of all, can you please confirm that I correctly understand the Terms-of-Service for with regard to advertisements? It is perfectly clear to me that “outgoing” third-party ads on pages (by services such as Google AdSense) are NOT allowed. On the other hand, I am almost certain that “incoming” ads placed on third-party sites (such as Google AdWords on, or Facebook Ads on, and driving traffic TOWARDS should be perfectly OK (if not even encouraged!).

    I ask for your confirmation on this because of statements such as this (which I found puzzling): .

    Secondly, assuming that “incoming” AdWords ads (directed to pages containing a Contact Form) *are* OK, I have a question (or feature-request) regarding the tracking of “conversions”:

    Is there a way to somehow have the Contact Form redirect to a separate “Thank you page”, so that AdWords would be able to properly track conversions? From the official documentation, this does not currently seem possible. And if this is indeed the case, might there be plans for supporting such a strategically-important feature in the future?

    The blog I need help with is



    I just wanted to further clarify that my question was a general question, asked on behalf of all business-related blogs in fine standing on, and not a specific blog.

    It is my understanding that, in general, business blogs are permitted, but only if they promote the products/services of the actual blogger, and not of some third party.



    Hi there,

    As long as the blog abides by our terms of service, including the types of blogs allowed and our advertising policy, incoming third-party ads should not be a problem.

    Regarding the contact form, there is currently no way to modify the page that appears after someone submits the form. However, other users have suggested similar ideas and we are keeping it in mind for future features and enhancements.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about that!

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