Tracking down referals?

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    I’m being told x site has referred people to my blog. Any way to find precisely where that link is that’s been clicked to land on my site? I’m curious.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    We include as much information as we can about referrers to your site, but sometimes the information we receive about those referrals doesn’t include the specific page that is linking to your blog.

    One way you can try to find that precise link is by searching within a site or domain in Google. For example, if you know that is a referrer, you can search Google for “” along with your blog’s title or URL to try to find out which page on that domain links to your blog.

    I hope this helps! :)


    I just had a lot of referrals from “Facebook” — how can I found out who exactly that was?



    @ catherinefox08 – Facebook doesn’t send us specific information about who referred visitors to your blog, so we’re only able to show that they came from Facebook (not the specific user or page).



    That was the answer I hoped not to see. In a recent post my referrers tripled from Facebook, but no one in my immediate community shared my blog. Was hoping I might have tracked down the traffic source. Oh well. Thanks for being happiness engineers.



    Unfortunately this was a change made by facebook about a year ago. Their rationale is to keep as much information in facebook as possible – but it is a shame

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