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    I was thinking that if there was a way that we could track who was following our blogs, and if someone were to unfollow or deactivate their account, we would know to stop following them. Kind of like a “follower count” for both blogs we follow, and people who follow our blogs.

    The blog I need help with is



    I just posted something along the same function but for a different reason and was asked why it mattered to me. :/ Like, why would we POSSIBLY want to keep inventory?! Maybe they’ve never had a mutual friend.


    if you go to your stats page, toward the bottom it tells you how many followers you have. Clicking in the link lists them. Whether there is a way to tell who specifically unfollows you I don’t know.

    But because I don’t follow blogs just because they follow me I dont have the issue of revenge unfollowing. If you just follow blogs you enjoy reading you won’t have that problem.



    Truth, your reply assumes way too much about why someone wants to track or unfollow unfollowers. Just saying “you should enjoy their feed and it shouldn’t matter if they give a crap about you” is way judgemental and opinionated. It’s not about getting revenge – it’s about losing friends and getting disconnected from people you might still be promoting in your blogroll.



    misssamanthajill, I totally get why you would see no point in linking to dead/inactive feeds. I hope that replying with my own reasons doesn’t cause any more posters to feel the need to slight their ideas against yours.


    and <b>if someone were to unfollow</b> or deactivate their account, <b>we would know to stop following them</b>

    I was answering based on why the person said they wanted to know how to unfollow. They didn’t say anything keeping up with friends.

    Not sure if you noticed, but your response chiding me for being judgemental was pretty judgemental.



    The poster wanted a feature, and all you did was suggest why it shouldn’t matter that it doesn’t exist. Sup with that?


    That’s where you’re wrong. I explained where they can find the list of their followers. Now you’re just instigating.


    Agreed, it’s like on Tumblr, you can track who follows/unfollows you, it seems so much easier to track!


    And yes, while there is a way to see who follows you, sometimes it’s difficult to track if someone deactivates their account. While I don’t mind simply following blogs, I would like to know if someone deactivates, because there’s no point in following them.


    And that is a bit different than what was implied originally. It would be nice if WP had a mechanism to either remove automatically deleted blogs or dead websites. However, what I do every 6 months or so, start at the bottom of my follow list and click each one, I see if they’re either dead or no longer posting.


    I do the same thing, however, these blogs still tend to show up on my “followers” list, which is a bit odd, because they are clearly no longer using the site. I’m wondering if that could potentially be solved.

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