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Tracking for wp URL shortener

  1. Can integrate some sort of tracking statistic into the wp link shortener? Or if that is not an option can we have a choice of using other shorteners that already provide tracking like or directly from the dashboard?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, Ileaneb - Snap! I asked a similar question yesterday, with respect to the pros and cons of using my.* VS*, etc.
    My impression from reading the documentation is that when you publicise your post to twitter using 'Publicize', WP will automatically supply a URL shortener for you. But you could also put in your own URL shortener, which you obtain from a 3rd part service, using the URL of your blog post as input.
    But I haven't been able to figure out what (if any) tracking stats are provided for the WP URL shortner. Nobody has commented on this aspect of my question yet, and the documentation doesn't give any hints that I've been able to find. This is tipping me towards using 3rd party, although it adds an extra step to my process. I think I will ask Staff and see what happens....

    all the best, Heather

  3. WP doesn't break out referral statistics for the custom URL shortener. They just show up as regular hits.

  4. Ta!

  5. Thanks heatherstark and raincoaster.

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