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  1. Is it legal for WordPress blog administrators to use the IP addresses of the visitors and commentators to stalk, trace, harass and intimidate said visitors and commentators? Also is it legal for these WordPress blog administrators to share this information with others? I ask because I have proof of admissions that 2 WP blog admins are doing just that. I can not find this information anywhere in the TOS

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you aware that IP addresses have not been unique for over a decade now? To save money ISP place hundreds of us in the same IP block.

    Please read:

  3. The blog I listed is not the blogs that have admitted to this behavior. The blogs/owners admitting to this behavior are:

  4. Please read what's at the links I posted above and cease and desist from posting any additional URLs here.

  5. Ive checked all of those links and have made complaints already with no success. IPs many not be "unique" but they have tracked more than one user.. and posted all info gleaned.

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  7. Thank you . ..

  8. It seems to me you're going about this the wrong way. Harassment and stalking are law enforcement issues, not software issues. If you're serious, take it to law enforcement.

  9. Well seeing as how they got the information from WordPress blogs .. I started here and put in yet another complaint.
    Ive already done so and do believe the other person that was being targeted did tonight as well. I simply wanted WP tos regarding posting, tracking and disseminating IPs of commentators and posters.

  10. It's not legal, stalking is a violation of the law (for most countries) plain and simple.

    With that said, there's little that we can do as a blogging network to curb someone's behavior.

    You'll need to get in touch with your local law enforcement about this.

  11. Understood, and LE has been notified. Thing is, they are getting info because of the WP blogs they have.. Sent in yet another complaint w/ proof to WP.
    Thanks for your help.

  12. When a comment is submitted on a blog, an IP is provided, usually used for blocking spammers and abusive commenters.

    We have no control over how they choose to use that information.

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