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    Under the section showing you how people searched you on google, I have 1 person who searched me out with “anarchist attending toronto g20”
    I looked it up on google, it took me 30 pages to find my blog… No anarchist would be going through 30 pages on that topic… They would be searching “groups” not individuals… which tells me it was most likely law enforcement trying to get lucky and have some backup info on anarchists attending in case they get arrested, like proof of individuals intending to commit crimes…

    I would like to know if I can see that IP.. and track it down? how do people do that shit? I realize its probably a dumb question… but if you know how that would be sick!



    The blog I need help with is



    Uh, quite a few of the anarchists I know are also insanely anal control freaks who would think NOTHING of going through 30 pages on Google. They’d think it made them kinda the equivalent of Cryptome.

    Also: realize that the way Google shows you information depends on who is doing the searching. It may be page 30 for you and only page 4 for someone else.

    As well, I don’t believe Google supplies that kind of information, and stats don’t. Since you haven’t installed a stat counter which does track IPs, there is no way to retroactively gain this information and if you did, it would be very unlikely that it would self-identify as law enforcement; usually it’ll just resolve to the city and the provider, like Shaw or Rodgers.

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