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    Is there a way for us regular, everyday wordpress bloggers to get a peek at the support/bug tickets?

    When problems like people not being able to access their blogs or comments not showing up in a timely fashion occur (especially on the weekend when support is unavailable), it would be nice to be able to see if there is already a ticket in the pipes. To know that support is aware of a problem or bug is often enough for people to be reassured that it will be fixed.

    I’m not asking for a detailed view of the whole ticket, just the title or a summary.



    Honest answer, this would probably benefit Trent and I the most as then we could come in and say “There’s a ticket and staff is aware of the issue.”

    Gotta admit though that I myswlf am against any sort of back end access without being paid for it or becoming an employee. It’s not the money involved but more of a legal issue.

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