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    As I understand it, when I click on My Comments on the dashboard, I’m supposed to see the comments I’ve made to other WordPress blogs, so I can easily follow threads, correct? If that’s the case (and forgive the newbie), I’ve posted on 3 over the course of a few days. They show on the sites, but not on my “My Comments.” Help??



    If you made comments on blogs then they should be there. If you made them on blogs from other bloghosts like Blogger or Myspace or even self hosted blogs then they won’t be there. IMO if your comments fall into the first category i.e. they were made on blogs then you should send in a feedback.



    If you want to track your comments across all websites, people recommend CoComment.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s been on my todo list for a while.



    I use cocomment. It’s not perfect but it does help.

    I’ve been writting a MyComments plugin for other WPMu sites. My guess is that it’s cached and the comments might show up later. Another thing to consider is if the blogs you are commenting at are marked as private in some manner. I know I have my setup set to skip those.



    Try Co-comment. It’s helpful.



    Yes, to see comments made on other blogs you need to use co-comment, which shows comments made on all blogs…



    The LAST thing I need is my comments following me through cyberspace. But then, everyone else in this thread is much more diplomatic than me.

    I like the WordPress My Comments feature because I consider this a community; I don’t feel the same way about the blogosphere at large.

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