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Tracking visitors to our blog

  1. Hi

    Is there a way that I can capture the referal string that a customer used to get to our blog? What I mean is, if someone went to Google and entered "car hire" and (somehow) found our blog is there a method of capturing the "Google" and "car hire"?

    I have my own tracking software (written in ASP) that works fine on our website. If I could somehow upload that to our blog that would be great.



  2. If you have a blog, search engine referrer tracking is built in to the stats feature (Dashboard / Blog Stats).

  3. Thanks tellyworth

    (cute kid!)

    I never noticed that option, thanks for pointing it out. (unfortunately not found via any search engines, just people clicking from our site).

    All the best


  4. Statcounter is a good tool to get, go to and follow the instructions.

  5. The referrers in the stats is pretty good I've found.

  6. You can also use the google's webmaster tools.

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