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    I am trying to find a way to track the number of visitors on my blog and also hits on pages like the home page, category pages, month pages, etc. that the current stats view does not provide. I purchased the CSS upgrade and then found out, to my dismay, that I can’t use Google Analytics. I also use eWebCounter for my work blog (on blogger) and it works there, but not here apparently.

    Any suggestions for how I can get more meaningful analytics?




    You may be able to find something worthwhile here:


    I get all of those stats from my dashboard.



    Can you show me where you get the visitors/visits stats? I only get views.
    Can you tell me where I can see stats on views of the home page, category pages, etc. Right now it just gives me total page views and then page views for specific posts.


    Since you will not be able to use the javascript version of statcounter, or the other online stats sites, what you are going to be able to see is going to be limited. If I were you, I would sign up for an account at one of them and then install the HTML code in a text widget on your blog so you can see what you are going to get. You probably aren’t going to get the level of detail you want.


    thesacredpath: Thanks – I installed eWebcounter in a widget. Unfortunately, the html version of the stats is more limited than the java version. So it thinks that each view is a new visitor. At least now I see locations/IP addresses, so I can get a sense of whether one visitor is viewing more than one page on the blog and now I’m getting stats on my home page and category pages, but the eWebcounter html version doesn’t give me info on referrals, search engine keywords ,etc. I can get that info on the WordPress stats page, but I just can’t put both together in one place! It is frustrating….



    I can see it simply on my dashboard. Just go to blog stats on your dashboard and it will show you things such as daily clicks, which pages are visited, how people found your website (engine or referal). Hope that helps.



    No, you won’t be able to synch up two different stat counters; they are probably counting different things anyway. My recommendation is to make a spreadsheet and paste the info into it so you can analyze it all in one place.


    i used to use two tools at blogger statcounter and blog collector lite. i wishwe had them here but it seems we do not…



    You can indeed use statcounter, you just need to get the HTML version instead of the javascript version. You can also put their button in your Links/Blogroll and that works too, I believe.

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