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tracking your own comments via a widget?

  1. I know we can track our comments across the wordpress sites we visit by going to our dashboard ...but I was wondering if there was a widget around that we could install on our site to show others where and what we've been commenting on? Kinda like a twitter feed widget ...but for the comments we post on other peoples blogs instead. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not that I know of, and it sounds like it would be difficult to do with blogs outside of wordpress.COM. The reason is that your blog would have to communicate with the other blogs to know when you made a comment and where that comment was made. That means that both blogs would have to have the code necessary or it wouldn't work.

  3. It's not a widget method but you could set up a profile with one of the sites mentioned in this article and link to the profile from your blog. →

  4. Thanks you guys.
    I hadn't seen coComment before ...I'll take a peek.

  5. @silk, thanks for adding that. I had forgotten about coComment.

  6. You should be able to get the RSS feed for your cocomment account and put it in an RSS widget.

  7. I use backtype for alerts, I believe it could be used to track your comments if you try useful keywords.

  8. You're welcome thesacredpath, & itroy, = )

    @arifsali I knew about Backtype but didn't know about the alerts thanks for posting that link... = )

  9. I reviewed 6 free comment tracking tools and services you can use here

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