"traditonal" business blogs are okay?

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    Hello, Ive seen the faq, and the “what type of blogs” post as well, but admittedly it’s still a little hard for me to tell what the law of the land is. I also noticed support is down for the next week and a half or so.

    I’m looking to run a business blog as a photo blog for our new mascot from his point of view. There would be no “click to buy here” in posts or links to any affiliates etc, but it would include photos of our product in the blog. I would also want to put a link to our official webpage on the about page of our wordpress.

    So it would have real content, pictures, experiences etc, but its hard for me to tell where the line between self promoting and advertising is drawn here.

    From anyone’s experience, is this a generally acceptable use of wordpress.com?

    The blog I need help with is haveyouseenthisturkey.wordpress.com.



    As I’m not sure you have read the Types of Blogs and not allowed entry I am posting the link for you. This thread has also been flagged for Staff attention and they can expand as required.



    You’re welcome to maintain an informal blog that casually mentions your business, but if the blog becomes a store front, it will get dangerously close to violating our terms of service.

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