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  1. secondchancetolive

    In my blog --and of which may be the case for other people on WP -- all my posts can be read by just coming to my site. Recently, I have noticed through stile meter that some people have been staying for up to 90 minutes on my site. This reality brings me to my question. How can I separate my posts on so that when people visit my site,I receive credit/hits for each post they read?

  2. You can insert a "More" tag so that the entire post isn't visible on the front page.

  3. It may be helpful to know:
    What does the graph show?
    The graph shows page views each day. For example, if a visitor starts at an article, then views the home page and three pages of your January archives, that visit counts as 5 views. So you already get the "credit" you are seeking.
    /nod to judyb12
    Although you can use the "more tag" which will increase the number of clicks the downside is that feed readers cut off as soon as they hit the tag. When I stopped using "more" tags and changed my rss syndication feeds setting from summary to "full" my rss subscribers increased dramatically and my stats soared.
    An upgrade to the stats system is expected in April.

  4. Making the site easier for people to read goes a lot farther than increasing page view stats.

    Having return readers is more beneficial in the long term than strategies to increase page views (like you see with some newspaper sites that show one paragraph per page)

  5. I am the biggest hit whore around, but even I find overuse of the More thing to be a negative. There are blogs by people whose writing I adore that I just don't go to because of that More tag.

    90 minutes is seriously impressive. You must have a very interesting site.

  6. It really depends. I use the more tag myself if there's a video involved or if it's one of my stories. If it's a quick little post about something simple, I don't.

  7. I hear you rain. Overuse of the more tag preceded by a teaser as a device to double hits puts me off too. And If I suspect that's what's going on I just click out. Like drmike I will use the more tag if I have a long post and I will place it where the average post would end. IMO engtech hits the nail on the head:

    Making the site easier for people to read goes a lot farther than increasing page view stats. Having return readers is more beneficial in the long term than strategies to increase page views (like you see with some newspaper sites that show one paragraph per page).

    The 2 themes I find hardest to read and avoid like the plague are Hemingway (Black) and ChaoticSoul. Hemingway has excerpts on the front page in small font and ChaoticSoul has tiny font gray on black - blech!

  8. I definitely wouldn't use the More tag after just a couple of lines. But if you have enough content on your first page of posts to take 90 minutes of reading time, there is probably a logical place to stick a few of them in.

  9. secondchancetolive

    Thanks for your feedback my friends. I am learning. I think I will keep my site as it is and let the traffic come as it does. Raincoaster, come visit my site and you will see for yourself. Have a great weekend, ya'll ( and I am not from the south, but have been southernized). Oh my. for all that are interested.


  10. secondchancetolive

    Super. Saw it thanks my friend.


  11. Maybe put less posts per page. I have five posts per page but I use an obscene amount of pictures and having five posts per page makes the entire page load faster.

  12. LOL I never thought of the use of the more tag for hits LOL. I only use it from time-to-time so that the story ends even with my sidebar. I'm a perfectionistic freak, and love it when there isn't empty space on the sidebar; due to the story being 'longer' than it (or the sidebar being longer than the story). So I use more when I find it necessary to make it all even.

  13. @Joshua - what do you do when the story is shorter than the sidebar? Add some lorem ipsum? ;D

  14. @ Judy - I make the pictures bigger or use indent so that paragraphs take up more space. OR I move widgets around (since I have a 3 column) to balance it out. Also on comments, top posts, and recent posts; I'll shorten the # of entries displayed. The possibilities are endless. LOL Like I said, I'm a perfectionistic freak LOL

  15. Are you sure your blog looks the same in all browsers and screen resolutions? *evil grin*

  16. I've been putting in the "more" tag in all of my posts. My reasoning was not for more hits, but that people would get a little snipit of the message then perhaps want to read more of it. Otherwise, they could go on to check out the next one. That way many snipits of posts would show up on the first page.

    I have FeedReader and when my posts come up in there, they are in the summary fashion, but all I have to do is click on the title and the whole thing comes up. So, I didn't think that was a problem.

    So, what do you all think I should do? Take the "more" tags off my posts. Do you think my blog would be more friendly that way? I'm new to this blogging stuff so I really do want your opinions. How may posts should I have on the first page?


  17. I used this same system for some time thinking people would click through on articles they were interested in. However, what I found is that most readers didn't click through. Also because my rss feed was set to summary the rss readers stopped at the more tag and I noticed I had fewer and fewer subscribers. I discontinued this practice and opened my rss feeds to full and my stats raised noticebly. Then work was done in the backroom on our feeds and again my feed stats soared. Some of my readers emailed me and stated they only subscribe to full feeds and not summary feeds. I now no longer use the more tag unless I'm writing a very long post.

  18. LOL @ Defrost

  19. bonlou, why don't you switch over to full posts for a week and compare your stats. My opinion is that your blog will be much more user-friendly and people will read more, although your pageviews will go down. But really, the only reason to care about pageviews is advertising revenue, and that's not a factor for us bloggers here at

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