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  1. charleschalfant


    For th past month I have had zero traffic.
    I'm using tags but perhaps I'm missing something?

    Appreciate any input, thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try a forum search, there are about a thousand tips already here. Also, link your username to your blog by going to your Profile page and putting your blog URL under "Website." Save the change and then go comment on some of the blogs you read. The best way to get traffic is to give it to other people and make it trackable to you.

  3. Find blogs/bloggers you like, engage them and be friendly. Keep in mind the more established the blog/blogger the less likely they'll jump straight into a relationship with you. While you're waiting for the LOL Cats people to notice you, try finding young blogs like yours. They'll be as eager for a friend as you are.

  4. charleschalfant

    Thanks everyone, appreciate it.

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