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    Wow, nothing about the quality of the writing or of the content.

    Did you miss reading this part above?

    Write at least five high quality original major “pillar” posts of timeless value to readers. And, continue to publish 3 – 5 new articles per week.


    Ok, now posting here a few days ago has brought me some readers. I hope they enjoyed.
    Thank you to all who came to visit


    Hi All and rain coaster,

    I I would like to get your opinions for my blog also.It is
    Everyday we have several topics that introduces and explains and lists five useful information. I aim people to make comments on the topics and list their five ideas.It can be about travel, food, sports anything else we will have loads of different topic and everyone will comment on it.As everyone i have traffic problems as well.I need your suggestions.Thanks in advance.

    And Atomic Gator, i liked the pools on your blog and its fun to read.I will follow…



    Thank you deliciousbites.. Thanks so much.. I’ve received a lot of good feedback on the polls, I plan on making them a regular feature, if not daily. I really appreciate you following. I’ve been blogging now for 3 weeks (every day) and I’ve really tried to market myself, through social networks, facebook, twitter etc.. comedy/humor forums. Traffic is still very light but I’m in this for the long haul and I don’t mind building the traffic slowly.

    I’ll head to your blog deliciousbites, sounds very interesting and useful.



    I follow atomicgator with RSS feed,also i would like to get your posts by e-mail.
    You do not have this option?



    I will remedy this immediately. I had it there but I guess it went away when I changed themes. Thanks for reminding me.. I’ll letcha know when it’s up..



    Subscription email button is up, thanks so much for following and thanks for reminding the email wasn’t up! OOPS.. It’s up now..





    I would like to get your opinions for my blog also

    Hello there. I’m sorry but I cannot accommodate you. I no longer provide free blog review consultations on blog improvement.

    If you want to get opinions from other bloggers then you can post into Showcase forum as that’s off-topic in this thread. Here’s the link to the Showcase Forum



    I still believe long term its content that counts. The blog has to be useful at least to some people to get returns. Saying that all tips provided here will support this of course. Pick a niche, there is too much general blocking around. blog about what interests you, it can be about Chinese Cars, Persian Cats or Himalayan Tea. Someone will be interested. I have found my niche:



    Please do not link drop when you comment.. Posting links to relevant entries that answer the questions posed is allowed, but as we can link our usernames to our blogs dropping links to our blogs when we comment is not allowed.



    @strphcjnb, these forums are for blogs. I noticed your site is a self-hosted blog.

    The “Your WordPress” forum is a more appropriate place to be posting in regard to your site:


    the people who read tellme my content is good, but I’am not getting any more hits. I am only semi-understanding of allthe SEO, etc etc. would welcome any constuctive critism:



    I write my blog for me to “unwind”, kind of a diary but not private.



    Many bloggers have diary or jouranl style blogs that they are seeking to attract readers to. This is a thread that we can post suggestions for traffic promotion approaches into, but your comment doesn’t contain any traffic promotion ideas. :(


    I noticed doesn’t have a widget so readers can “share” your blog on facebook / twitter / digg etc.

    I wanted to have a share button at the end of each of my posts, to see if by sharing it, readers would improve my traffic. after a bit of searching around I found this article about how to do it:

    it works really well, and is quite simple…basically, you cut and paste some html at the end of each of your posts.

    I know nothing about html, but managed to tweak it so it only displayed facebook, digg and delicious buttons, which are all I’m interested in.

    enjoy, and come check out my blog! I started it last week, and have averaged 170 hits the last two days due to a funny article I wrote about the BBC…



    That’s a good post dating back to 2007. An up-to-date review of the various forms of social bookmarks we can use on blogs are reviewed and illustrated here. >
    Note that only the getsociallive bookmarks will auto update your Twitter and Facebook accounts immediately following publication of a post.



    Yes, I wrote that post theproduceexperiment is referring to, and now I use every post I make. It seriously increased not only my hits but my reach, as now my readers find it easy to pass my works around.


    wow, just tried getsociallive…amazing! i’d seen it mentioned on a couple of forums but hadn’t followed it up as I thought you needed a self hosted blog. but it’s so much quicker and easier than the way I mentioned before.

    @ raincoaster: incedently, thanks for the post back in 2007! I’m just not up to speed with the techno kids…

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