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    Hello WordPress users:
    On average, how much traffic does your blog(s) receive on a monthly basis? I am averaging around 300 views according to my stats in the dashboard (unique visitors though, are a different story) per month since my blog started in July. I am wondering how this compares to other blogs and other bloggers, thanks a lot for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. There is an ongoing thread about how many hits per day. Would that help?



    That thread IMHO is not at all useful as it’s a bunch of newbies quizzing each other when in fact all traffic stats are publicly available from Quantcast and Alexa. They are also comparing apples to oranges. IMO comparing blogs across niches is a waste of time. IMO comparing blogs within the same niche that are the same age is usually also a waste of time.

    There are simply too many variables and no benchmarks.. Blogger A and Blogger B have blogs in the same niche and publish on the same topics.

    Blogger A may be a talented writer, who is also a talented social networker and who knows how to use SEO and how to promote their blog effectively.

    Blogger B may not be posting anything other than videos from you tube and a few lines of text, may not optimize their posts, and may be spending their time yammering on twitter.

    It’s possible that Blogger B’s traffic will be higher. Take a look at Club Penguin blogs. Take a look at what goes viral.



    As a matter of fact bloggers are quite responsible for
    getting the traffic. take a blog discussing online marketing and
    take a site discussing girly issues.
    The first has around 500 unique hits during a month with weekly
    posts.( SEO optimized content, tag lines, bookmarking, answersites,
    FB, Tw and Myspace advertising the posts)

    The second is not getting the attention it needs, very rare posts,
    SEO optimization but nothing else.

    Both sites are experiments of mine so the bottom line is, if you advertise
    the blog as you would advertise a product, the traffic is bound
    to happen.

    It takes time and dedication.


    Having a high traffic blog takes work. Posting regularly. Doesn’t have to be everyday but at least consistent. Also try answering as many of your blog comments. Comment on other similar type blogs/forums. And social networks such as Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook.


    My blog is very young, so it’s too soon to tell – but even at this stage doing the things outlined by pornstarbabylon with regards to blogs, forums and social networking has shown a 50% increase in traffic.

    I’ve been enjoying the promotion as much as the blogging, and have found the “Site Stats” page to be quite addicitve.



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