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Traffic and redirection

  1. I posted last year that I had landed a book deal based on my blog. The book ships in 6 weeks. I saw the cover yesterday and the current blog address is listed on the back.

    I am having a website built for the book and wanted to port my blog to and have it as a tab on the book website.

    Two questions: 1. do I have to worry about traffic when the book is released if it's still on .com? Is there a limit to traffic on the blogs (not that I am assuming it will go up that much but hopefully it sees a spike)? Is there anything I need to do (upgrade etc) to prepare for an uptick in traffic?

    2. Is there redirection when I move the blog? If someone types in the current address will it be redirected to the new one? I am thinking of moving it after the book launch but I hope that people will be able to find it once I move it.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions but I'm nervous about possible disaster. Thanks much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1 There's no traffic limit at and some blogs here get millions of hits a day
    2 Nope, no automatic redirection. We usually advise people to wipe the content, set a static page as the front of the blog, and use that page to point people to the new site. In your situation, I'd frankly advise not moving at all.

  3. Thank you raincoaster. You are always so helpful.

  4. You're welcome, and congratulations!

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