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Traffic down by 60-70% since blog submitted my blogto Google Webm

  1. My traffic has gone down by 60-70% ever since I submitted my blog to Google Webmaster. What could be the reason for this?
    Blog url:

  2. Submitting your blog to Google Webmaster would not decrease your traffic. Traffic goes up, and traffic goes down, and it's all dependant on many things like the time of year, what day it is, or whether there's a major event anywhere etc.

  3. Is the content in your blog original? If it's duplicate content that has been published elsewhere first as well as on your blog then Google's Panda algorithm can detect that. See here >

  4. It's all original stuff, unless guest posts count as duplicate content.

    What I'm saying is my average hit count has dropped so greatly from 400-500 a day that I have to share links on networking sites to bring it up to 200 a day. All of a sudden, after all these months, and right after I submitted the blog url to Google Webmaster.

  5. As long as your site meets Safe Search standards, I don't think they'd be related.

    Your most recent posts have almost no text, and search engines love text. Maybe that's your problem?

  6. Could be, but I've been publishing slideshows for quite some time now.

    Another thing I've noticed is my name has disappeared from Google. Even the blog posts show up in search only when I type the blog's name along with the topic.

  7. Hmm. Well, I do not see anything wrong with your blog. At least by posting here, you've added some SEO to the blog.

  8. I'm pulling my hair out. I've reviewed a music single and a movie - both were released yesterday - and neither is showing up in Google search.

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