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    Since Monday my site traffic has dropped around 30% to 35% – just like a straight line down hill. Did the search engines change something this week? I have seen the info on Penguin and that has been in place for a while and all my content is original.

    Up and down I am used to the variation and the fact that my site has less traffic in the winter because not as many people are boating. But the drop last year was more gradual and in the fall.

    The traffic has been very steady for the last two months with a trend up until Monday.

    Yes I know I tell people in the forum that traffic goes up and traffic goes down, but this is a bit confusing to me


    The blog I need help with is



    YO! I have seen it too.



    OK – not my imagination – Quantcast is also showing the same traffic trend so I would not think that WordPress.COM has changed their counting system – and then there is the straight line trend – If WordPress.COM messed up a counter then I would have expected a sudden change and not the slope




    Try going to “Explore Topics” in the Reader and searching on some of your tags and categories. I discovered today than the majority of mine so longer show up. So you can’t even search and find my posts. Very strange. Maybe that is related to the drop in traffic?



    Don’t know about any interaction – but I get almost no traffic from any WordPress.COM tag referrals – that has never been much traffic – don’t know how the tags would interact with the search engines

    The vast bulk of my traffic has been the standard search engines – almost no pictures traffic ever



    I believe Google did another of its patented “Blogspot blogs suck at SEO so let’s downgrade all other blog types” changes recently.



    That is not so good – about a year ago they made a change that benefited my site – some of my old Posts got a lot more traffic – guess they are taking the traffic back

    So I guess if you can’t don’t have good SEO then take it out on the people that have good SEO – but when I have looked at some of the spam site Blogspot has I just shake my head – easy to understand why their sites suck – that is an advantage here – seems to be clean site

    thanks for the update



    I don’t get any traffic other than 20-50 spam a day all for the same story.
    It’s getting very dis-heartening. I have only been registered for a few months.


    I think Google did change something within the past few weeks, but I can’t find any references to it anywhere. It now takes far longer for my new posts to show up in their index than it used to (sometimes hours rather than just a few minutes), and that can hurt traffic — especially for timely topics.

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