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traffic has increased a lot

  1. in this past 6 months the traffic to my blog has went well up from 4 to 8 a day to 38 or 40 a day and i'm very pleased i don't expect hundreds

    this past 6 months are as follows 183,231,238,228,552,and july so far 584 , would it be the search engines kicking in because its all i can think of

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You're probably right about the search engines. I think there is a lag time, like 4-5 weeks, if it's tagged right. I'm no expert in this field but I've also recently seen a huge jump in my traffic numbers. Starting last monday, I've had monster days all week.

  3. thats good to here , to-day i have had the best hits sitting at 62 so far

  4. Congrat harry, I like the Avatar. Very mysterious.

  5. thanks , lots more here

  6. Keep up the good work

  7. In case you guys didn't know it. Webmistress27 ROCKS!

  8. My views have gone up heaps too i got my highest of 40 yesterday but i am very suspicious about the referrers a lot of them are weird websites that have nothing to do with wordpress or my blogs i haven't been game enough to click on the links to check if it is legit as i am too scared of viruses and spam , anyone else having this happen?

  9. @naturalbuzz I have that happen every so often. It's usually just spam, I think. Sometimes I'll click, and other times I won't. Never has a virus come through though, so you should feel safe checking out the links if you would like.

    I have had my traffic increase a bit too. I registered with search engines just about a month ago, so I believe that is the culprit. But... I'm not complaining!

  10. 3575 and counting :D

  11. sorry wrong topic btw great job good luck!

  12. No way! I cant hold a candle to Atomicgator he rocks amazingly

    check him out!

  13. dyingbraincells

    Hi guys! I just started blogging the other day and I saw where my blog is a featured blog on the Random Thoughts page. I thought that was cool, but was wondering if it means anything? It doesn't seem to have increased my traffic. Most of my traffic has come from my facebook page. I think I had 84 hits yesterday. Nothing like you guys. Wow.! Anywho,..I really don't know what I am doing. Don't know how to link. I guess I am a baby-stepper..Learning one day at a time .Take care and best of luck!! :)

  14. I wonder what the average blog gets in terms of visits per day?

    I started my blog last Thursday (15th) and my daily visits have gone like this - 0, 10, 19, 19, 115, 97, 64.

    I have added my blog to my signature in a couple of forums but it's nice to know people are reading your material. I'm waiting for it to plateu - I'd rather have 3 people who leave comments and engage in dialogue than 30,000 who don't say a thing.


  15. my views went down after i started seeing more search engines kicking in. I think its because i got overconfident and stopped promoting. Don't let this happen to you promote all you can!!!. Good Luck. P.S. This is also a promotion check out while you can:

  16. been on holidays for 2 weeks and the highest hits for a day is now 78 with the average about 55 its great , must start posting again soon

  17. I've been averaging about between 20 to 36. Not great numbers but then again I haven't done much in the way if getting into the forums or getting to know others in this nice community of people which I hope to do. Btw, it's nice to meet all of you :). What a cool place...


  18. To be honest, mine have gone down lately.. not sure what to think of the roller coaster

  19. @atomicgator I think it's the season, honestly. Especially since right now is prime vacation time.

  20. Okay, I need 1,00000000000000 hits a day to make a living. Any ideas?
    No seriously, rent is due on Thursday!!!!

  21. My hits are going down. Anyone care to exchange blogrolls? My blog is humorous baseball, video games, iPhone, and rants.

  22. stats sometimes fall faster than a falling star :(

    Got to monitor what days and posts drove you the most traffic, then re-create that some way if possible. It will always be on an up and down move would be great to keep moving upwards.

  23. This post is really really inspiring because I'm officially starting my blog on Sunday, (although i have started the intro to my blog already)

    I have had about 25 people come per day so far, but have been looking at the best way to get the word out there about my blog.

    It all seems a little confusing especially with the tags, I don't really know what to add...

    Anyway good luck to you all :)

    Ginga Ninja

  24. @svgHenry I've add you to my blogroll

  25. My stats to 212 hits in just 4 days of starting the blog my best being 67 and i average 40 to 50 everyday....growing at a steady rate every day.there are many ways to increase readers...
    You can use search ingine optimization to increase your chances of bieng indexed in search engines and hence increase your traffic...
    There are several other ways in which you can increase your traffic...
    I have mentioned SEO in detail in my blog..

  26. Ours has sadly decreased to what it was the first week we started out, guess I could put forth more effort in getting back on track, but i'm going to let the stats continue to fall untill my partner (Swaggtalk100) gets his tail in gear. Working with somebody else has its ups and downs regardless though.

  27. i'm holding steady to about 50 to 60 a day

  28. dyingbraincells

    Mine jumps when I post that I have a new blog on my facebook wall. I get most of my traffic from facebook friends right now. I really don't know what I am

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