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Traffic on heavily hit post drops to zero?

  1. @raincoaster - Are you referring to From what I can see, you have just under a thousand pages indexed by Google, which is quite a bit more than a couple :p

    Included in those nearly 1000 pages is your category pages too, which you said were not showing up.

    Perhaps whatever problem you were experiencing has corrected itself now?

  2. It has not. A thousand pages indexed is great, but I have 4000 posts!

  3. My site started to experience the same problem in early July. Head Muscle has been averaging between 150 and 200 hits per day since about March of this year. In early July, in just one day, it literally plummeted to zero.

    I have been asking WP about it and all they will tell me is that the Stats counter appears to be working correctly. I can still find my posts on Google though, so I am not able to peg the exact cause.

    In a bit of breaking news, my hit count has jumped back up from about 10 per day to 70, and it is all on one post that has been published since about February. Very sporadic stuff. Weird and frustrating.

  4. This very large drop in hits has been experienced by a lot people and has been reported to WordPress by a lot of people and their response is that the stats counter appears to be working correctly? Obviously something has changed drastically. I don't have any previous experience with tech support at WordPress. Is this the level of "support" they typically provide?

  5. No: I am receiving emails from them every day, and they're being quite thorough in what they're investigating. They have located, for instance, every single broken link on my blog and given me a list so I can fix them. But between us we cannot figure out what's going on. There is definite weirdness with the RSS feeds, but sporadic and affecting certain blogs only.

  6. I have just come across this thread. My stats seem Ok ( apart from phantom referrals) but the position in google search has dropped.

    I know this for a fact as I regularly check key search phrases that people may use to find my blog.

    Raincoaster - you said that there was a lot of code in your blog which shouldnt be there? Is this something you have done inadvertently or something that has come from WP changes?

  7. It looks like there's something in my CSS that's an issue and also there is some weird code in my feed that shouldn't be there, so it looks like it's 50/50. I'm thinking of changing themes to a standard theme for the next few days just to see what happens if I do. A LOT of the blogs reporting this issue have custom CSS.

    It doesn't sound like what you're experiencing is the same issue, if there hasn't been a drastic dropoff. Google periodically rejiggers its filters and we go up or down every six weeks or so, but not dramatically. I used to be #3 in Google Image Search for Lion, then I was banished to page 12 suddenly. That's the kind of change I'm talking about here.

  8. Thanks for the response Raincoaster.

    I think you are right and I am experiencing the 6 week blip. I dont use custom CSS having kept the blog theme pretty much as it was provided.

  9. Interestingly enough, yesterday my sight went from 12 to over 150 hits. Today as of noon EDT, it has not budged from zero. The latest response I have received from Support is that things appear to be working properly. These spastic numbers cannot be normal.

    I am spending the afternoon walking through my code and looking at links. My position in Google is still the same, so that does not seem to be the problem.

    This is weird stuff.

  10. Sorry Raincoaster, but I my experience with support has been somewhat different. Last night I sent another email stating that my hits had jumped from 12 to 150 in a day and wanted to know if this was normal. The reply was, "it is not normal...but fortunate!"

    I have been in the IT business for 20 years...and that is not support. I sent an email this morning noting that today I had dropped back to zero. I am not very confident that I will get a helpful reply though.

    I am glad you are making progress and getting support however. I will check in daily to see if you are making progress.

  11. my hits are down a little to about 50+ but i'm still happy with them as they never went over 65/70

  12. downcastmysoul

    I thought my blog was getting boycotted.

    I have noticed that the blog stats have not been normal for months with the number on the Dashboard page lagging behind the Stats page. I get a "false" message before the Stats come up.

    Also, my security is sending me love notes telling me some clicks in WordPress are not "safe" that the page is not what it says it is or something. I went to the main page and was aked if I only wanted to show what was safe or not? I got a very weird "safe" page.

    Is there new management at WP or cost cutting? Something seems off. My stats are not stellar but have been 30 to 50 a day and yesterday was a terrible 16. I have 5 whole hits today and I have noticed not much has been coming in from searches lately like I had been getting. I just thought my latest posts sucked.

  13. I'm not actually making progress. It's just that we're looking at all kinds of possibilities. My own feeling is that this is linked to a big RSS error, which is linked to a not showing on the global tag page problem, which causes a huge drop in SEO; as well, an RSS problem would prevent the blog from turning up in Facebook and Tumblr etc when you've subscribed them to that feed.

    It should also be reflected in your own readers being unable to recieve your blog via RSS or email subscriptions; I'm not in contact with my subscribers, but if you are, ASK them.

  14. I also believe it's somehow (via RSS) related to this issue:

  15. @downcastmysoul Something is, indeed, off - it's WordPress, offline - the second outage recently.

    Rain, re your - and others' - Google problems, any possibility that this might be connected to reblogging? Someone at the time it was introduced suggested it would mess with Google.

  16. I'm VERY familiar with reblogging and trust me, that is NOT a factor in this case. For one thing, nobody's reblogged anything from at all.

  17. downcastmysoul

    I have a bad feeling about this. Stats still ricdiculously low.. Now an outage? I read the sticky and feel there was sabatoge to WordPress. I was on a message board attached to a giant message board company that kept going down and getting attacked to the point nothing worked: giant outages. The powers that be can and do control the Internet.

  18. i'm still getting hits ok BUT nothing from goggle , bing or yahoo

  19. Harry, we've been over this a thousand times: it's because of the way you've set up Pages and keep changing permalinks. Stop. And then wait six weeks.

  20. @ raincoaster

    i changed them months ago to the way you said they should be and have not altered

    anything for months :) i was getting hits from goggle about 2/3 weeks ago and they

    have stopped

  21. No wonder: you've only made ONE POST since mid-July!!!

  22. My blog has copped a beating over the past week. Here are the daily visit stats:
    August 3: 1217
    August 4: 903
    August 5: 964
    August 6: 806
    August 7: 783
    August 8: 327
    August 9: 110
    August 10: 62 (so far, it's just after noon in Australia)

    I'd been averaging around 6000-7000 visits a week all year, and suddenly it's plummeted, I get the sense it's a Google issue however, as "Search Engine terms" have gone from 7-8 terms a day in double figures (some as high as 30) to very low single figures...

    Anyone know why?

  23. Ours dropped to a all time low too, i do everything correct to keep it up there somewhat yet and still its so low on the stats chart if the stats were any lower they would be half way to China.

    I will be doing a new post soon which will include different methods i used for previous posts that sent the stats through the roof at one point....if that does'nt work then i'll certainly know the issues is not on our end.

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