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Traffic source is unknown

  1. Hi, I have a question about the traffic sources coming to my site.

    I have started my blog few months ago, so far do not have too much traffic. However last 4 days I have this traffic coming from US about 20 to 40 people a day. The point that puzzles me is that I cannot see where they are coming from at all. There is no referees, links, search engine results whatsoever. and it is not only one specific page, almost all the posts being seen equally. I have checked the web master tools but no luck from that end either.

    Do you have any idea, how can I track this source, or where it might be coming from.

    Thank you for the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I know that when I get traffic on my blog, Technicolby, from the link in my Twitter profile (@megacolby), it shows as Unknown or
    Unavailable! If you have a Twitter and have a link on your profile page that could cause that "Unknown" traffic! It also can happen if a user opens a new tab in Chrome and types the link in directly! (Has happened to me, not proven)

    If you need anymore help feel free to ask me! :D

  3. Hi, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately the source is not even showing as unknown. If it was it would have made bit more sense. Everything looks just blank as if there is no traffic. Really weird. I also do not have any facebook or twitter account that associates with the blog right now ;(

    So still it is mystery where all these people are coming from

  4. (Please Note: I learned this while working as a Vistor Tech, on a friend's busy website, also
    Another thing is that the person or people that are viewing your site do NOT allow cookies or there Anti-Virus software prevents the sharing of the traffic source. This is very commo n (in my cases) with Firefox. It also could be that the traffic is coming from bookmarks in new tab which dont have a traffic signature. Hope that helps! :D

    Feel free to ask me anything else! :)

  5. Hey thanks for the helpful comment. What you are saying is totally makes sense. Cookie settings, antivirus programs, browsers etc, however this cannot apply for all the people right? It should have show at least a refereer or link for few,I mean the traffic is only from one country and all of them unset. Since they are also not going to one specific page either it cannot be linked via somewhere else. This is really annoying not to know what is going on.

    It is also pitty that wordpress does not offer any detailed functions to track the traffic. It is really limited and annoying

  6. You may be lucky and just got everybody who doesn't allow cookie, etc. ;) If you want a more detailed report try Google URL Shortner (Link: shows the country, traffic source, generates a QR code, and give a short share-able link! Its handy when you like it in your profiles to see were you get most of your traffic from! :D I use it and 68.9% of my traffic comes from (Twitter). Be sure to give it a try! :D

    Feel free to ask me ANY WordPress question!: :)

  7. Oh, one more thing, while re-read your laste- post I noticed that all you traffic was from one country! Can you tell me which one? I ask because certain countries restrict information that can be gather from companies like

  8. It is from US. Thanks for the advice I will give a shot for that. Will update u if I find something worthy


  9. No Problem! That's what I am here for! :D Glad to here that your happy!

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