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Traffic Spike on Mondays?

  1. I always get an enormous traffic spike on Mondays, which is kind of weird. Why is everyone on the internet on a Monday? Does anyone else have this happen?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Enormous? No, but traffic does go up on Mondays, as everyone who was offline for the weekend signs on at work to check blogs.

  3. But my site traffic often increases on Sundays. This means people have to find time to went through a great blog enjoying their weekends. :D Hmmmmm

  4. But my traffic is jam today. I have less than 20% of the average and most of the time today has been passed.

  5. Sundays are good for me too. Yesterday and today hits tumbled. That is Monday and Tuesday for me.

  6. It's all due to my Valentines Day comedy article, but hits for Monday/Today have spiked dramatically.

  7. I don't know what happened, but a five-year-old post on my blog has gone viral AGAIN, and yesterday I got five times as many hits as normal. Today is on track to be even bigger.

  8. Greedy!

  9. Well, congratulations raincoaster!

  10. Thanks. It's very odd. The hits are all coming from search engines, but it's been on the front page of Google for years. Why are more people googling "mummified fairy" all of a sudden?

  11. Tooth Fairy 2 has been announced, that has to be it.

  12. Now I do understand the phenomenon. The logic of Raincoaster is right.

    traffic does go up on Mondays, as everyone who was offline for the weekend signs on at work to check blogs.

    When it is Sunday in one region it is Monday in the other regions so traffic always tends to increase on Monday but the difference is due to different time zones. Am I right?

  13. I haven't spent enough time analyzing traffic patterns in weekly cycles.Maybe it's a reflection that my blogs cover a few niche areas which attracts certain readers.

    I dunno. I also work full-time outside of blogging. Then I'm off cycling...

  14. Mondays are slow days for my blog, but weekends are worse. If I want a post to be popular, I pitch it midweek.

  15. That's weird, absurdoldbird. I'm the exact opposite. My best day is Monday and weekends are really close up there. I wonder why...

  16. Maybe it's to do with the content? Yours is literature, mine is visual art. Maybe visual art isn't something people rush to straight after the weekend! ;)

  17. Maybe that has something to do with it. But still, traffic spikes on Mondays are weird. They're nice (as I need all the traffic I can get), but they're kind of random.

  18. My traffic are completely random. In fact, I usually get more traffic when other people get less. Ha

  19. Okay, I'm taking a wild guess here: there is no global traffic pattern for people. Everyone gets traffic spikes at random. So much for trying to figure out which days to save my best posts for.

  20. Yeah that's not going to happen. You would probably have to figure out time zones as well.

  21. Thanks timethief! That really helps.

  22. I think it does depend on what you put in your blog. Absurdoldbird's is a visual art blog, and it makes sense to me that people would prefer to look at that in their spare time.

  23. @carrieslager
    You're welcome.

  24. Last Sunday was my busiest day and today is even better than that. Mondays and Sundays are always the best.

  25. kennethmarkhoover

    Yes, I've noticed a spike in traffic as well. Thursdays are also good. :)

  26. Tuesdays through Thursdays are horrible for me, but Fridays are really good. Despite this overall trend, I broke my record number of hits on a Tuesday. I guess that just proves the chaos theory.

  27. My traffic usually drops during the weekends and comes back up on weekdays

  28. Yet when starting this thread you've said

    I always get an enormous traffic spike on Mondays,

  29. Oh I was talking to carries not to you girl.

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