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Traffic Spike on Mondays?

  1. aaroncohenphotography

    I haven't really noticed any traffic spikes in my stats, just that they are gradually increasing every week.

  2. Did your know that with the exception of those who have domains and who chose to suppress their stats, we can all see each other's stats/metrics/demographics?
    example 1:
    example 2:

  3. hnsaifi: I do get regular spikes on Mondays, but it's odd that I broke my record on a Tuesday. Sorry I was unclear about that.

  4. aaroncohenphotography

    @timethief That's weird, it shows different stats than my WordPress stats page. The websites you gave me looked more spiky, whereas my Stats page just looks like it's evenly going up.

  5. Quantcast are running at about only 60% of the WP reported stats for me - I find that odd. They just started quantifying me again after the domain change.

  6. Okay, forget what I said about traffic spiking on Mondays. I just broke my record number of views today, a Tuesday. I guess there's neither rhyme nor reason to this.

  7. I suspect it is content-related. My site is religious-Bible oriented, and traffic drops significantly on Sundays. I'm presuming that is because most of my readership goes to church, spends time with family, etc, less time on-line on Sundays.

    Mondays are slow for me, too, but not as slow as Sundays. Not sure why....

  8. Yeah, mine are changing too. Maybe it's the weather. Or more of those sun spots.

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