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Tranferring posts from Serendipity to WordPress

  1. I would like to move my blog to WordPress, but cannot find how to transfer my posts. There are instructions for Blogger, etc, but nothing that seems to fit Serendipity.
    Any insight on how to transfer posts from a type of blogging program not listed on the Dashboard?
    Would like to start using WordPress, but don't want to rebuilt my blog from scratch!

  2. Does Serendipity have a feature or plugin for exporting in Movable Type format? If so that's the best option.

  3. As a last resort, you can try XML.

  4. The only option Serendipity is giving me for exporting is via RSS feed.... Will this work?

  5. Yes, it will. Try doing a search for Export XML and see what you get. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I do know people have been at this point and been successful via XML.

  6. Many thanks! I have alot of blogging friends who like WordPress - and it seems much better than Serendipity (I think I'm the only blogger in the known world using Serendipity - hahaha)
    Will give it a shot.

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