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Tranlation for french invitation (follow blog mail)

  1. Hi

    I'm using wordpress in french, when I send the invitation for follow the blog, the user get the mail but the header of this mail is in english, only the header:

    You've been invited to follow NAME OF BLOG
    The translation is:
    Vous ĂȘtes invitĂ© a suivre NAME OF BLOG

    If you like i can FW you the invitation mail.

    Thanks for your help.
    Blog url:

  2. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Will you please take a screenshot and upload it into your Media Library where Staff can view it?

  3. Hello TT ;-)
    Hi fredyrouge,
    Here is a link to a thread about this issue on the french forum
    Have a nice day everyone :)

  4. Hi

    Is not the issue, please see the screenshort, is a mix betwen english and french in the french version of the mail message and invitation interface, see the red area. (I think is a bug, not a feature)

  5. @fredyrouge: hello, thank you for bringing this up. I wanted to clarify that is being translated by volunteers. For example, French (Canada) is 38% translated at the moment, so you'll see English where the corresponding strings have not been translated yet.

    The good news is that anyone, including you, can suggest new or improved translations!

    Here is the string from your first screenshot (please be sure to keep the HTML encoding):

    And here is the second string:

    "follow" has been translated here:

    This support article explains how the community translation on works, if you would like to contribute more:

    Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

  6. Sorry for the delay, any other do the translation, for get it working I changhe the language from fr to fr-canada.

    Thanks :)

  7. Hi, I again, i retourn to fr lang, I do the propostion for the translation of the strings but I not find the string "follow" in French standar.

  8. Thanks, is fine :)

  9. Hi again, now i not find "See all comments" string:

  10. And i think this is a bug in the software:

  11. Here is the "See all comments" string:

    I found it by going to then clicking on "Search" and entering "See all comments".

  12. And here is the string for "The authors can also be followed on":

    You can see these strings for French Canadian and suggest any missing translations if you replace "fr" by "fr-ca" in the URL.

    Something to keep in mind that translations are deployed in batches of approximately 200 strings, so even if a translation already exists and is approved, it may take some time before you see it live in the interface.

  13. Hi, thanks for the information about batches of approximately 200 strings.

    I wasn't find "See all comments" becouse I check for non translate, now i understand (the batches)


  14. Hi, (my turn :)
    Definitly unable to find

    This is an automated message sent by the subscription service about subscribing and receiving email updates from the following website:

    on to

    (sth might be missing) Neither "subsciption", nor "following" (or any derivation) seem to match that string.
    Could you help me please? Thanks in advance.

  15. "subscription", sorry :)

  16. No translations were found! :(

  17. @lilmaouz: could you please give me the context for this string - e.g. do you have a website I could subscribe to in order to get this notification? I did some digging and it looks like the string was there at some point, but has then been deprecated. Thanks in advance!

  18. Good morning, Jenia :)
    it's now available (main blog, bottom of sidebar)
    (for disconnected members, of course) Thanks!

  19. Thanks for the context, looking into it.

  20. Thanks a lot Jenia!

  21. Hi again Jenia,
    I wonder if this is a glotpress or a layout issue, with no access onto
    I noticed my theme leads to (bottom left corner)

  22. Hi again, so I looked into this and because of the way the original string is stored, there is no easy way to make it localizable.

    The good news is that you can easily replace it by your own custom text under Settings > Reading.

  23. Oh my god ^^ that simple!
    Thanks a million, Jenia! :))

  24. Re: footer credits in Bouquet pointing to in the French localization. Thank you for reporting this, we'll be taking a look into fixing this.

    If you have more questions/bug reports, please start a new thread so that we stick to the one thread/one topic rule. Thanks! :)

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