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    I created a site and purchased the personal plan. I decided to change the name but did not know how to do that without cancelling my plan and starting all over. Without loosing half of my money I would like help in creating a personal plan for the new site.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    When you say you want to change the name of your site, I assume you want to change the domain name? If so, instructions for that are here:

    If you went ahead and already created a new site with the new name you want, and now you want to move it over to the personal plan you already purchased, you will need the help of one of the staff. If that is the case, please type modlook in the tags to the right and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Hi there,

    Based on my understanding, I believe you want to change the blog address and start over your site from scratch.

    You can change your blog address by following these instructions:
    – Go to My Sites > Domains
    – Click on your domain and then Edit Site Address
    – Click on Change Blog Address
    – Type the new domain name you wish to have.

    Refer this documentation:

    To start building your site from scratch you can empty your site by deleting all of its contents- posts, pages, media etc.
    Follow the document linked below:

    Hope this helps!

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