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Transation misspelling in Greek

  1. Hello,

    At the bottom of the page the translation of "older posts" in Greek should be "Παλαιότερες καταχωρήσεις" instead of "Παλαιότερες καταχωρίσεις". That's an "ή" instead of an "ί" in "καταχωρήσεις".

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Would you like to contact Staff directly? Here's the link

  3. Thx

  4. Very very interesting indeed panaghiotis. It looks like "καταχωρίσεις" is the correct one in WP's case.

    Now.. how do I undo my suggestions? :P

  5. It looks strange to me too, but it's the correct one...

    You can reply to the mail they'll send you.

  6. @glad1at0re: I'm marking this thread as resolved as I see that you already got in touch with and got an answer from Support. Thanks.

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