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    I am attempting to transfer my domain name away from to godaddy. I am receiving the message “Transfer Away Accept/Decline Required” from within domain management and the recommended action from Godaddy is “Accept or decline the transfer with the registrar from which you are transferring the domain.” How do i accept the transfer. I have not received any further emails to do this, and I cannot seem to do it from within the domain manager. Any suggestions, or do I need to wait this out?

    The blog I need help with is



    This guide explains how to transfer the domain name to another registrar. At what step are you stuck exactly?

    Sorry for the inconvenience!



    I have followed the procedure from this page. These were the steps:
    1. Unlock the Domain from domain manager
    2. Request Authorization Code from domain manager
    3. Give Authorization to godaddy to initiate transfer.

    Now, as I look at the transfer progress in godaddy I see progress as “transferring” and the recommended action from Godaddy is:

    “Accept or decline the transfer with the registrar from which you are transferring the domain.”

    However, I have not received any further emails from to “accept” the transfer. This is where I am stuck, and I am wondering if I should be receiving a final email from to confirm the transfer, or if I have to wait it out and the act of “accepting” is merely an automated system from your end. Does that make sense?

    In your guide you write:

    “The transfer usually takes a few days, and you’ll receive notifications by email for every step along the way. Note that if you don’t accept the emails and click the confirmation links, the transfer will be canceled and the domain will still be registered with, but if that happens you can always just start the transfer again.”

    I have only received one email from which contained the authorization code. Should I be expecting more?

    Thanks for the help.



    the “email redacted” was the help [at] email that is sent from domain manager



    Hi there,

    The step you are at with the domain transfer is a standard one in the process which requires you to:
    * manually accept the transfer (if you go to GoDaddy, there might be a tool in the pending domain transfers that will let you click it and accept right now), but this is on the GoDaddy site.
    * or the way everybody does it, which is to wait for five business days for the transfer to complete on its own.

    That 5 days timeframe is to protect domain owners when a domain is transferred from one person to the other, so that the one “losing” the domain has a chance to refuse and cancel the transfer in case of scams, etc. Every registrar has to do that, it’s ICANN rules (organization in charge of all domains on the internet). They unfortunately do not relax that rule when someone is transferring a domain from and to themselves as in your case.

    So, in conclusion, you can either login to your GoDaddy site and look into your pending transfers (this is from personal experience only, because I’ve used GoDaddy myself), or simply wait the 5 business days and it will complete on its own.



    PS: you will receive an email at the end of those 5 days, when it’s all complete. Keep in mind it is up to 5 business days (weekends do not count).



    I spoke with godaddy, and they said they are waiting for you to release the domain, which I believe means that we need to wait this out. If there is something you can do on your end, that would be great…otherwise, we’ll just wait it out. Thanks for your help.



    Once you hit the 5 day limit, things should progress as intended, yes.


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