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transfer blog to another user

  1. I need to transfer blog a blog to another user.

    HELP & FAQ is not accurate, it gives instructions that are out of date and the forums are saying I need to contact support to have it done.

    I want to remove myself as the administrator for energiavitalblog and this should leave my client with full ownership and no access to my other blogs.

    e.g.: this page suggests I should have a transfer option, but 'my blogs' does not look like this

    this forum page is pretty old but nevertheless confusing too

    Can someone please confirm what needs to be done?

    Thank you so much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you the original owner/creator?

  3. You need to follow these instructions:

    You need to be the owner of the blog not just an Admin to transfer a blog to another account - yes those instructions are accurate - I recently transferred a blog I created to another user using those instructions - CAUTION - make sure you have the new account accurate as the only error checking is for the account name - so if you type in the wrong account name to transfer the blog to it still goes to the wrong blog - then you need staff help to get it back

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