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    Hello everyone! I just have a quick question, I already know that changing my blog name so that someone else can use it is not an option, so I was thinking about transferring that blog to myself, but using a new email address and account, etc. So I was wondering, if I do that, what happens to the subscribers and views? Am I going to lose all of that, or does it stay the same?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. To the best of my knowledge, transferring a blog to another uses does just that. It should not affect the stats or the subscribers. Basically, all it should do is change who is the administrator for that blog, and that’s all.



    Share about results please



    Hello sorry for the delay!!! Thank you for your response! I guess I can continue with the blog transfer as long as it doesn’t affect my subscribers and views!

    It is really a problem that I can’t just change the name of my blog, I wish that WordPress makes this option available in the future, this has been a real headache for me! :(

    Thank you once again!!!

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