Transfer .com to .org (but there's a difference)

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    Let me explain the whole situation before someone sends me a documentation link, which hasn’t been helpful.

    Yesterday I created a .com blog with the domain name However I wanted to use bluehost as my web server and therefore changed the nameservers to point to bluehost. However the website template I purchased to use for my blog is compatible with .org NOT .com. When I have looked into transferring .com site to .org it tells me to use the installation process with bluehost – however bluehost only installs .com NOT .org.

    I want to have a .org blog via bluehost so I can use the template I purchased. However I do not want to lose the domain name I have with .com blog. I have a day to cancel the domain I purchased with .com however I am worried that the domain will disappear before I can re-purchase directly with bluehost.

    HELP!!!!!!!!! What should I do?

    The blog I need help with is



    First you need to make sure that is up and running on your blue host account.
    Once is up and running you can then install your template that you purchased.


    Also, if your domain is already mapped, you should be fine, but you won’t be able to transfer it for 60 days after purchase.



    DO NOT Delete the domain. If you delete it then it goes into turnaround which means nobody can buy it for awhile, and then ANYONE can. And you’ll probably lose it.

    Just change where the nameservers point to as explained in the Support documents. This is an utterly routine action, so like it or not I’m going to give you the link to the instructions. They are how you do this.

    Since you just registered the domain, you cannot transfer the management of the domain. You would have to wait sixty days for that.



    You have gotten good advice from the other posters.

    However just to clarify this:

    however bluehost only installs .com NOT .org.

    There is no place to get a .com WordPress site but itself. Any WordPress site that is set up by any other hosting service (bluehost, godaddy, etc) is a site using the same software that you can download and install yourself at

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