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    Good Morning,

    I want to traslate my domain to another company but I dont know how must I do it. Also I requiere copy the contain of my blog and I dont have the key of FTP and the Data Base

    Thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Natalia, I assume you mean you plan to move your blog to a self-hosted WordPress install on a different server.

    You will need to purchase web hosting and set up your new WordPress install on another server first. Check out the codex article on about how to install WordPress yourself: Installing WordPress

    You can get further advice on the install process from the support forums at

    Once your new installation is set up, you can export your content from your current blog, and import it on your new site. There is no ftp or database access on for this. Instead, you use the instructions here: Export Tool

    Here are a few more helpful links:

    Moving a Blog to (self-hosted)
    Guided Transfer is available as a service for purchase.
    If you registered your domain with, you may decide to move your domain to another host.
    If your blog has followers, you should move your subscribers as well.

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